SUCCEED Educational Consulting, LLC

The process of applying to schools in another country can be complex and challenging. You may feel overwhelmed with application requirements and may be confused about how to navigate all the steps involved in applying to US schools. SUCCEED will assist you in the following areas:

Preparing for International Studies

Discuss educational aspirations and work toward realistic goals for students and their family. Address social and cultural factors involved in decision making for study in another country. Establish a schedule and calendar of well defined steps required in the application process. Work with school admissions to help student meet application timeline requirements

Application Process

Begin the process to obtain academic transcripts and school documents. Review the calendar and assist the student with setting dates for TOEFL, SSAT, GREs etc. Review TOEFL assessment and discuss options for ESL programs to strengthen English proficiency

Selecting a school

Develop a balanced list of schools that are an appropriate match for the student's strengths and academic interests. Review factors that may affect which schools to apply to, such as the strong presence of other international students, a school's history of responding to international student needs, and relatives who may live near a particular school

Student Visa Application

Clarify the timelines for Certificate of Finance, I-20 form, and the student visa application process.

Initial educational consultation services for students with learning differences will include a comprehensive discussion with the family and student of their understanding of the learning issues, a review of neuropsychological testing, IEP and school testing reports along with consultation with the current school.

Advocacy and Placement

  • Evaluate current placement and explore different educational interventions, avenues for advocacy or a different school placement.
  • Explore schools or educational programs that offer appropriate learning supports and academic services.

School Admission and Student's Progress

SUCCEED will coordinate with academic staff to monitor the student's progress and communicate with the family as needed throughout the school year.

Decision Making for School Placement

  • School/Classroom placement recommendations are based on my on-site school visits and observation of specialized classroom instruction.
  • Specific school recommendations made to families will reflect the school being able to respond to their student's unique and specialized academic needs and learning style.
  • Coordinate with the schools selected by the family for the student's application and admission process.

Parents of children with severe cognitive limitations, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other developmental disabilities are frequently overwhelmed by their child's needs and learning how to navigate through the IEP process and discovering what their child is eligible for.

Parents may experience emotional upheaval, fear, confusion and grief related to their child's overwhelming needs and may face tremendous family stress.

As a parent of an adult son with autism who was diagnosed in preschool, I have extensive experience working with schools and with the young adult transition stage.

Educational Consultation Services

 - Reviewing medical, educational, psychiatric, social skills, speech and language testing reports.
 - Assistance parents with understanding their rights under special education law.
 - Working with families to navigate the IEP maze Pre-K through young adult transitioning.
 - Advocacy for students for specialized educational, social skills, and vocational programs.
 - Assistance with referrals for Social Security Disability, Guardianship, and Adult Services.

Families may feel worn down, frustrated, ashamed and alone when coping with a child's or teen's overwhelming emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse and/or addiction issues. As an educational consultant with over twenty-five years experience as a psychotherapist, I will work with you to identify therapeutic programs that provide specialized treatment for your child's issues.

Psycho/Social Assessment

  • I will evaluate your child's behavioral and emotional difficulties through an extensive family interview and review of relevant psychological testing and psychiatric records and consultation with professionals who have been working with the student.
  • Recommendations for Specialized Hospital Programs, Wilderness programs, Therapeutic Boarding Schools or Residential Treatment Programs will be given based on my visits and knowledge of the specialized program offering treatment appropriate for the unique therapeutic needs of the student.

Decisions and Admission Process

  • I will coordinate with the family and program during the application and admission process to make sure adequate therapeutic information is provided to both the family and treatment program selected by the family.
  • I will provide ongoing collaboration with the therapeutic program to monitor progress and facilitate communication between the family and the program.

Therapeutic Program Progress, Discharge and Transition Planning

Families will receive therapeutic consultation from me throughout the program placement, and assistance and support when planning for discharge and transition for the next step.

Adequate preparation for discharge and planning for the next level will help both the student and family engage in the next stage of treatment.