SUCCEED Educational Consulting, LLC

Best Practices

As an educational consultant, I will clarify my role and the family's responsibility to avoid misunderstandings.

Parents will be offered information about my professional affiliations and professional membership in IECA to clarify my level of competence and adherence to a high standard of ethical practice.
I will provide a copy of the ethical guidelines developed by IECA, Principles of Good Practice.

I will recognize that the student is the client, even though I am working with the family. I will make recommendations and actions that reflect the student's best interest. Parents need to understand that their expectations may differ from their child's and that my role is to offer clarification, and professional recommendations.

As an educational consultant, I have developed knowledge by conducting on-site visits to schools and residential treatment centers on a regular basis. I participate in ongoing education and training to assist in making informed recommendations. As part of my professional IECA membership I am required to visit at least 25 new programs each year.

I have no financial arrangements with any program or school that I refer to.

I am not responsible for any activity or events that may occur after placement in a school or program.

I cannot guarantee that a student will be accepted at a particular school or program. Acceptance is determined by the Office of Admissions.

Privacy Rights

Privacy rights regarding education and medical information will be addressed with families during the initial meeting. Families will be asked to sign documents to safegaurd their child's privacy. Nancy Black and SUCCEED adheres to privacy rights regarding educational and medical information according to FERPA and HIPPA.

For more information on privacy rights please review the following websites: